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Alcron Bohaemic (Zeus)

Imported from the Czech Republic, Zanie's counterpart, BMIS Alcron Bohaemic (Zeus), has turned out to be everything we were hoping for and then some. Large, heavy boned, rugged and handsome he embodies all of the qualities that have made the Central/Eastern European hovawart lines so popular... everyone falls in love with this boy. Zeus is approved as a stud dog by both the AHC and HCNA and is available to outside dogs upon approval.


hovawart hovawart hovawart hovawart
Zeus's sire:
Batanco Neskrotna vasen
  Zeus's dam:
Heila vom Julienhof
Czech Republic
Heila and Sven Gasko Prim
Sven is the sire of Batanco
Czech Republic





Hovaheart's Astrid (Zanie)

3x Best in Show Hovaheart's Astrid, better known as Zanie, is a beautiful solid black female with an elegant countenance and sweet temperament. She is the product of meticulous German breeding and long line of European champions. She was our first hovawart and we were thrilled to find a dog of such quality to begin our program.



Zanie's sire:
Dimple zur Bärenschlucht
New York

Zanie's dam:
Zahra vom Fleischereck
New York